EcoBalance Technologies

Engineering the future of agriculture by integrating clean energy generation with sustainable technologies to cultivate the precious soil that provides our food.

Agrivoltaic technology

EcoBalance Technologies has developed a cost-effective agrivoltaic design (under the INVIT trademark) that incorporates a modular ground-mount solar photovoltaic system that generates energy with modules installed on top, with plenty of clearance for individuals to plant and harvest underneath.

The modular agrivoltaic system can be closed with transparent plastic to form a greenhouse. Similarly, insulative barriers and polycarbonate panels can be incorporated with the design. An all or three-season setup can be enhanced with a heat pump to create optimal conditions (temperature and humidity, for example) for crops inside the greenhouse, to increase agricultural production. This concept has been successful in Europe and Asia.

Technical Specifications

Modular Agrivoltaic Design

  • Agrivoltaic modular design dimensions: 15x12ft (4.5×3.5m) approx. that can be scalable up to acres of agriculture land.
  • 4 x bifacial solar PV modules (540W) for a total of 2.2kW per agrivoltaic module
  • Structure and assembly components made of steel with galvanized coating for weather protection.
  • Design engineered to be durable, easy to install, and price competitive, providing one of the first profitable agrivoltaic solutions in the market.
Climate Control Options
  • Thermal envelope: Options to cover agrivoltaic system with double layer polyethylene or polycarbonate panels.
  • Mechanicals: Ventilation fans and dampers to control internal heat. Depending on climate control targets, it includes a 100% electric heat pump system for space heating and cooling.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Our team provides engineering, procurement and construction expertise to realize your agrivoltaic project, working with you since the earliest stages of development until the project is operating following the highest quality standards and complying with local policy requirements.