Other Services

EcoBalance Technologies

Engineering services driving cost-effective solutions that promotes a healthy indoor environment while reducing energy use in commercial and residential buildings.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments

Measurement and analysis of common indoor air pollutants to understand the effect of occupancy, occupant behavior, outside air quality, mechanical systems, building infiltration and other parameters on indoor air quality. The assessment report will provide recommendations to improve indoor air quality to maintain a safe and healthy air indoors.

Building Energy Assessments

An energy assessment or energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency in buildings. The comprehensive building energy audit report provides the building’s energy use, a comparison with similar buildings (benchmarking), and a list of recommendations of building upgrades prioritized based on energy saving impact and cost.

Energy & Indoor Air Quality Modeling

Three-dimensional building energy and indoor air quality modeling in the early stages of a new building development or a building renovation is useful to quantify the impact of different building parameters on energy use and indoor air before construction or retrofit. Our models are integrated with financial models to optimize and organize low cost and capital expenses according to energetic and economic impact.